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by "Roches, The"

(words & music by margaret a roche)

One in louisiana
One who travels around
One of 'em mainly stays in heart throb town

I am not their main concern
They are lonely too
I am just an arrow passing through

When they look into my eyes
I know what to do

I make sure the words i say are true

When they send me off at dawn
Pay the driver my fare
They know i am goin' down somewhere

O the married men
The married men
Never would have had a good time again
If it wasn't for the married men

One says he'll come after me
Another one'll drop me a line
One says all o' my agony is in my mind

They know what is wrong with me
None of 'em wants my hand
Soloin' in my traveling wedding band

O the married men
The married men
Makes me feel like a girl again
To run with the married men

One of 'ems got a little boy
Other one he's got two
One of 'ems wife is one week overdue

I know these girls they don't like me
But i am just like them
Pickin' a crazy apple off a stem

Givin' it to the married men
The married men
All o' that time in hell to spend
For kissin' the married men

Roches, The - The Married Men Lyrics - Download MP3
Roches, The - The Married Men Lyrics.
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